About foundation


Like the science that investigates the principles of reality, human nature, and conduct, the philosophy of the founder Benjamin Kalu Foundation as a charity organization was shaped by his experiences, especially at childhood. Though it has evolved over the years.

The key elements of it remains the following:

  • BKF strives to meet the highest standard of transparency in both the selection of her area of needs, people of needs or project funding.
  • BKF is not entangled by any alliances. We are not linked to any special interest, faction or political party but purely non – governmental and non-religious.
  • It is our humanitarian service judgement that executive directors and project or community associates of BKF should handle the managerial functions of our non – profit organization independently of the founder but reporting to the management team who reports to the Board of trustees.
  • In BKF we believe in non-profitability and accountability achieved through efficient modern non-governmental charity fund raising procedures with results reported periodically in our publicly published periodic audited financial reports.
  • BFK believes that support does not have to be monetary, it could be in service (voluntary) or in materials specific to the people or area of needs.
  • It is our believe that permanent or periodic partnership should be determined by the needs advocated by BKF and could be with individuals, corporations, other NGOs or even nations.
  • BKF is not limited and should not be limited by geographical boundaries, religions or politics, while participation is open to all men, women and organizations determined to save the earth and humanity.

Our aims and objectives

  • To assist the less privileged in the society
  • To give succor to the widows, orphans, terminally ill and physically challenged.
  • To encourage quality education in large quantities by offering free educational scholarships to deserving students in various communities.
  • To provide free medical/health services to remote communities.
  • To carry out awareness campaigns, seminars, conferences, and symposiums against HIV/AIDS, infant/ maternal mortality and other communicable diseases.
  • To carry out programs and initiatives geared towards attaining the sustainable development goals of the United Nations and World Bank initiatives to the needy communities
  • To partner with other nongovernmental organizations, individuals and corporate bodies to achieve their aims.
  • To protect, preserve and promote the equal rights and privileges of the disadvantaged in our rural communities.

Board of trustees

Benjamin Kalu

Founder & Chairman

Legal Practitioner - Nigeria / Lagos

Dr. Mrs Ezinne C. Kalu

Member of trustee

Medical Practitioner - Australia / Sydney

Dr. Emeka Nwachukwu

BOT Secretary

Medical Practitioner - USA / Houston Texas

Mrs Joy C. Onwegbuchulam

Member of trustee

Registered Nurse - USA/Florida