Education in rural areas is characterized by very poor infrastructure, insufficient academic staff and insecurity amongst others. From broken classroom walls, to opened roofs, damaged chalk boards, over population, lack of sufficient chairs and tables in classes and bushy environments that house reptiles, this sector calls for immediate attention. Education is to a nation what the mind is to the body, just as a diseased mind is handicapped in the coordination of bodily activities. The Benjamin Kalu Foundation has been working for more than 14 years with the aim of educating the children and the youth in rural areas. Most times there is no available source to pay for their education and many children remain in primary school until their parents have enough money to pay for their secondary education, when these children should have attended secondary school. Secondary education is more expensive especially for rural populations where the next school might be too far to commute every day. In agriculture-dominant households, a high percentage of children at secondary school age are still in primary school. In rural areas, children aged 14 or 15 have completed less than 6 years of education on average, about 2 to 3 years less than they should. Reasons for this are often low performance because of repeated drop out due to the necessity to work and contribute to family income as well as lack of money for school fees. For years, BKF has been giving scholarships to children in rural areas, from start to finish of their education.

At Benjamin Kalu Foundation, our main aim is to build our own schools, managed by the foundation with the proper staffing and syllabuses using exchange programs and partners from foreign countries in the education sector, while exchanging cultures and other materials. We need your partnership to educate every child in the rural area. We need school books, teaching materials, volunteer teachers etc, to make this work.