Our motivation

Our Origin Everything you need to know about the foundation

The BENJAMIN KALU FOUNDATION was founded on the 29th of December 2003. It is the brainchild of Chief Benjamin Kalu, a renowned philanthropist, who is motivated by empathy and spurred on by a constant reminiscence of his childhood experiences as he watched his mother of blessed memory, Mrs Mabel Kalu, adopt several orphans in the community as her own, treating them just as she would her own children. BKF was born out of a compassionate need to care for the disadvantaged in our community. We work to alleviate poverty, promote nonviolent conflict resolution, assist the less privileged, give aid to orphans, widows, the terminally ill and physically challenged in rural communities.

Our mission What we are set out to do

To alleviate the consequences of poverty in vulnerable populations by creating the conditions and environment necessary to support economic growth and community development.

Our motivation What we are set out to do

At BENJAMIN KALU FOUNDATION, compassion is our driving force and we work in accordance with the sustainable development goals to eradicate poverty and hunger through the provision of affordable, clean energy and water, quality education in peace, with justice and strong institutions to provide and motivate decent work and economic growth. We also aim to promote gender equality and empower our women. We strive to provide good infrastructure in all sectors, especially health; improving maternal health and reducing child mortality with the aid of local and international partnerships for the development of a sustainable community.

Our motivation We also aim to promote gender equality

At BENJAMIN KALU FOUNDATION we work knowing that a lot of our dependents need our immediate attention, but we understand that bringing about meaningful change requires continued sustenance of investment over time. We take our time, identify the problems at the grassroots level and work expediently to proffer workable solutions to said problems.