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July 18, 2017
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July 18, 2017

Although community ICT centers differ from place to place, their common purpose is to support community development while bridging the digital divide through the use of communications and computing technologies, which can play an important role in community strengthening. ICT is particularly helpful in addressing aggregated demands at the community level. Community ICT centers range from school-based telecenters to public internet access centers.

Children in rural areas usually have to travel long distances to register for external examinations and write external papers due to lack of ICT centers equipped with computers and internet access in their locality. In collaboration with our partners, we have embarked on the construction of well-equipped ICT centers in rural areas, to improve computer literacy and ease the burden of students in rural areas sitting for these external examinations.

Our aim is to provide skill to the members of the community who are interested in acquiring ICT knowledge and train those who would like to further their knowledge in computer by learning computer coding and write computer languages.