Packaged Agro food For Export [BKF-AGF]

July 18, 2017
Micro grants and Microloans [BKF-MGL]
July 18, 2017

A high percentage of crops produced in the country become wasted, with a loss predominantly resulting from post-harvest handling. One major effort to reduce food wastage is the right processing and packaging.  As a promising foreign exchange earner, processing agro foods and other non-oil products for export is just the way to go. That is, there are an attractive investment and job opportunities that could trigger sufficient food production for local consumption and for export, creating wealth for millions of rural inhabitants.  After harvesting, the processing and packaging industry can absorb a whole lot of manpower, thereby creating jobs for the unemployed and generating income for their livelihood. The agro processing industry promises to make a substantial contribution to the manufacturing industry all around the world. It should be noted that majority of the inputs in the manufacturing industry are principally agricultural products.

Benjamin Kalu Foundation believes that with requisite knowledge, the right certifications and adoption of relevant modern technologies in agro foods processing, the agro products industry in rural communities can access and fully get integrated into global markets. This is important because most of what Nigeria produces, is consumed within the country and only a fraction is exported. BKF partners with Ozbok food house to process and package agro food products made by the widows engaged in entrepreneurial endeavors in our rural communities under strict sanitary practices and quality control measures. We ask that you partner with us on our projects to bring the reality of agro food export from rural communities to fruition through the purchase of these products from which proceeds will go to these widows in our communities.