Public Toilets [BKF-PBT]

Primary Healthcare Centers Every 20km [BKF-PHC]
July 18, 2017

A high percentage of the rural population is without access to safe, private toilets, with a great number practicing open defecation. Open defecation results in a polluted environment in which diseases spread fast. Without access to safe, private toilets, women, and girls suffer indignity and are more vulnerable to attack or rape. Without access to these facilities, girls are unable to manage their menstruation safely, and with dignity, making them prone to dropping out of school as a result. Ensuring that everyone uses a toilet is vital for ensuring better health and an important measure in addressing under nutrition linked to chronic diseases in children.

BKF has embarked on projects in collaboration with our partners and other NGOs to construct public toilets at strategic locations in rural communities with access to clean water for cleaning and maintenance.

This is to be handed over to the community youth organization and the town unions for proper management while our public sanitary officers handle the periodic supervision to ensure that the acceptable standard of cleanliness is ensured. Help a community use a public toilet. Campaign No to open defecation.