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July 18, 2017
July 18, 2017

Water has always been the most necessary resource for life on earth and therefore the most necessary resource for life on earth and human development. Drinking or potable water is a resource that is scarce in many parts of the world, especially the rural areas. It is also very easily affected by many types of pollution. In the sources of water in rural areas like streams and rivers, there are many parasitic organisms and inorganic chemicals that are very dangerous to humans.

We at BKF believe that Ground water is generally the best water available for drinking and irrigation, during the years of natural filtration through the earth the water absorbs minerals which are important for life support, during this process, contaminants are generally removed. The water table is found at varying depths in different regions of the earth, this depths vary over time due to water extraction and the regeneration process that depends on rainfall and natural water storage in lakes and rivers. Since groundwater plays an important role in community water supply, its optimal operation and maintenance is essential. We believe that groundwater has the potential to be used as a primary source of water in these areas.

Benjamin Kalu Foundation has commenced the construction of boreholes across rural communities in view of water’s importance to health, sanitation, and general wellbeing. This will provide the rural people with accessible clean running water, alleviating their suffering and preventing them from drinking unhygienic stream water that could lead to diseases and epidemics.