Widows Support Initiative [BKF-WSI]

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July 18, 2017
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July 18, 2017

We are compassionate towards the plight of the widows in rural communities because life is a continuous battle for many widows in our community. Marriage, children, tradition, want, illness and death are everyday hassles for them. The widow has been the carrier of the world’s burden. She is oppressed, victimized, manhandled and abused. In many communities, a woman’s social status is inextricably linked to her husband’s. When he dies, her place in society is at risk of being compromised or diminished. Many widows around the world share 2 common experiences; a loss of social status and reduced economic circumstances. The state of widowhood is made worse by situations of poverty and lack of access to services and resources. Widows are amongst the most vulnerable and destitute women in our communities. They suffer from illness, disease, loss of property and a significant decline in social status.

Benjamin Kalu Foundation aims to empower widows through vocational training, physical, spiritual and mental encouragement. Skill transfer initiatives aimed at developing entrepreneurial traits and small business offer widows in our community a solution to the disparity. Also the provision of micro-grant programs to widows in our community. We believe grants, unlike loans, can create independence and cultivate sustainable development in a community. To be eligible for a micro grant from Benjamin Kalu Foundation, widows must first complete a vocational training program and take clear steps towards their entrepreneurial vision.

Currently, most of them have been trained on how to produce bead jewelries,bead bags, local soaps and creams. A percentage of the sales of these materials go to the foundation.